Is Blockchain Gaming the ‘Next-Gen’ Gaming?

What is Blockchain Gaming?

Games are evolving and there is no stopping to this. Blockchain gaming is the next step in the gaming industry. It has game assets that are impossible to hack, can be traded digitally, and can be bought using cryptocurrencies, they offer a new way to play games to make money.

They are not limited by traditional game mechanics or currencies like gold or diamonds. With the rise in popularity of decentralized games, gamers can play a game without a centralized server. This is because these games are powered by blockchain technology which makes them cheaper, fairer, and more sustainable.

These games also have features like “play to earn” which means that players can earn in-game items or assets by playing the game, rather than paying for them with real money or digital currency. In the future, we might see games that are decentralized from start to end – from developing to playing it.

What is the ‘Next-Gen’ Gaming all about?

Gaming is not just about entertainment anymore. It’s become a new form of technology, with games becoming more social and interactive. Blockchain gaming uses cryptocurrency to interact with in-game items and player-to-player transactions, while Axie Infinity is the first NFT game developed on Ethereum. With these next-generation improvements, it will be hard for us to go back to the old way of gaming.

Axie Infinity is a game that you can play while earning money just by playing it! The company that developed this game saw an opportunity to create an environment where players could work together without needing any third parties involved in transactions or exchanges of items between them.

The next generation of gaming platforms will be controlled by gamers themselves; they’ll be decentralized and globalized with the power to create their own virtual worlds, challenges, and quests. Gaming has always been a way to escape reality, but now it is becoming a way for gamers to earn money and create an online identity.

Gaming is about to change. With blockchain games, players can own their in-game assets and earn tokens by playing. This creates a new economy for gamers.

Some Early yet powerful blockchain games are:-


Axie Infinity was the first game that was developed on the ethereum network and was a great success, it shows how powerful blockchain games can be. Axie infinity contains its NFT in the form of axies, which you require to start the game, the game however pays its players with the help of their own in-game token known as SLP. When players win a match while playing in the online mode of the game, they get certain SLPs in the form of a reward, which can be easily converted to their country’s currency by trading them in any cryptocurrency exchange.

Axie Infinity

All game data and transitions are stored in certain blocks in the blockchain, which allows players to track their progress and to see if the game is played in a fair manner, however SLP price varies from time to time, it fluctuates as it is a token, and can be traded in the marketplace. As of today, the cost of starting axie infinity would be around $1200, as you always need 3 axies to start playing the game and earning money, you can also breed your axies to produce more axies and can sell those newly generated axies in the marketplace. There are many ways in which the players can earn SLP tokens and make a return on their investment, some of those ways are:-

  • daily login bonus
  • daily challenges
  • daily rewards
  • winning a game in online mode
  • winning in story mode.


Same as axie infinity, thetan arena is an online multiplayer MOBA game, developed in the bsc network. This game just revolutionized blockchain gaming with its jaw-dropping features, which earlier seemed impossible. In thetan arena, heroes are sold in form of nft, each hero has a special class, skill, and rarity, the price varies from hero to hero, depending on their, class, skin, skill, and rarity.

unlike axie infinity, in thetan arena, you only need one hero to start the game and start making money, however you can still play the game for free, and make some money, but that’s a very lengthy process, generally, I’ll recommend you you just buy a normal hero and making some money.

Thetan Arena, P2E Blockchain Game

All the transactions and games are stored in the bsc network, to ensure fair play. Thetan arena awards its players in the form of their in-game currency known as thc, which is known as thetan arena coin and can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges like pancakeswap and gateio. the ways through which players can earn thc are:-

  • winning matches
  • win bonus
  • ranking up
  • leveling up
  • referral method
  • challenges

Thetan arena introduced some jaw-dropping features to blockchain gaming like game teaming, voice chat, in-game commands, team works, multiple player modes, building up strategies, in-game like and in-game report features, in-game shop, and many more. download thetan arena from here and start playing the game and hop into metaverse and blockchain gaming.

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